Environmental Protection Standard
UL Authentication
UL Authentication
The electronic line series with the certification number is E204893, the E253075 power cord series, and the E301629 power cord plug series.
UL Electronic Wire
UL Power Line
UL Plug
CCC Authentication
CCC Authentication
H03VH7-H, H05V-K, H07V-K, H05VVH2-F, H03VV-F, H05VV-F and matching power cord plugs.
CCC Electronic Wire
CCC Power Line
CCC Plug
VDE Authentication
VDE Authentication
60227 IEC 07 (BV-90), 60227 IEC 08 (RV-90), RVVP, 60227 IEC 52 (RVV), 60227 IEC 53 (RVV) and matching power cord plugs.
VDE Electronic Wire
VDE Power Line
VDE Plug
SAA Authentication
SAA Authentication
7.5A and 10A two plugs, three plugs for Australian certification plugs.
SAA Power Line
SAA Plug
BV Authentication
BV Authentication
2.5A and 10A two plug, three plug Brazilian certification plug
BV Power Line
BV Plug
Newly Developed Product
Newly Developed Product
Yong Rui Group,spirit of innovation, strive for R & D.
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Guangdong Yong Rui Cable Technology Co., Ltd.
Yong Rui wire was founded in July 13, 1999 in China's industrial town — Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan. From the original dozen colleagues, can only produce UL certification of electronic wires, in line with the cause of dedication and the quality of the attitude of the end, after 15 years of development so far. The company has 500 employees, and sales revenue exceeds 300 million yuan.
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All kinds of wires and harness products customized according to customer requirements.
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